Promises To My Daughter

To my 16 month old daughter:
Dear, Abbye Grace, as your father….

I promise to affirm you with positive words and actions.

I promise to tell you that you are beautiful every chance I get.

I promise to set a standard by treating your mother with honor and respect.

I promise to spend time with you.

I promise to be the spiritual leader of our household.

I promise to protect you.

I promise to show you appropriate affection on a daily basis.

I promise to spend time talking with you.

I promise that I will be responsible in teaching you the Word of God

I promise to take you out on dates.

I promise to pray for you and with you.

I promise to live out my faith in Jesus as an example to you.

I promise to lovingly interfere with your life in order to guard your heart.

I promise to be faithful to your mother and love her as Christ loves the Church.

I promise to be your biggest fan and encourage you.

I promise to not allow my ministry to come before my family.

I promise to lovingly correct you.

I promise not to overuse the phrase “talk about it with your mother.”

I promise to take a genuine interest in the things you like.

I promise to always love you unconditionally.

I promise to teach you that Jesus should be your hero, not me.

I will not remove anything from this list.
But I do reserve the right add to and amend this list as needed.


I am open to suggestions for amendments to this list.

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