The Beard, The Gospel & A Public School Hallway


Last week I was supposed to run by one of our local schools on Tuesday and drop of a check for a ministry project that our Church had been involved in.  Due to certain circumstances, I had to put delivery of that check off until Wednesday.  Due to my forgetfulness, the delivery of the check was put off until Thursday.

So, Thursday afternoon, I reached the school and checked in just as the students were breaking between classes.  On my way to deliver the check to the proper office, I got a chance to see several students and teachers.  Just a few quick “What’s ups” and some high fives were all time allowed for.  When I reached the offices where the check belonged, I greeted the school official and handed them, the check.  I asked for a receipt.  While they were writing the receipt, the school official made a comment about how ministry projects like this one made impacts on students’ lives and how we never know how God is going to use a seemingly small thing to influence someone.

Just as I was saying “thank you” for the receipt, my friend, Christian walked by in the hallway.  Christian is an awesome young man who has visited the Storehouse on Wednesday nights on several occasions.  Christian is a very unique friend of mine, he has Downs Syndrome.  When he saw me he flashed that incredible smile he has that always warms my heart.  We slapped high five and I asked how he was doing.  He replied that he was doing great.  I quickly said goodbye to the school official and stepped into the hallway with Christian.  That’s when it happened.

As soon as I stepped out in the hallway, Christian said, “They pulled Jesus’ beard out, huh?”  My mind raced to decipher the motive behind of this seemingly random question.  And then I remembered.

Christian had been present at the Storehouse on the Wednesday night before Easter.  On that night I shared about the road Jesus took to the cross and the suffering he went through. One of the details I shared was that according to Isaiah 50:6-7, Jesus’ beard had been pulled out as He was beaten and mocked.  This fact, for some reason, stuck with Christian; and that night after my lesson, he and I had an extended talk about Jesus beard being pulled out and about how he suffered and died for us.

So, back to the hallway, I answered Christian, “Yeah, they pulled His beard out.”

His next question was, “What happened after that?”

“He died on the cross for us and then he rose from the dead.”

Christian’s amazing response that still brings tears to my eyes, “MY GOD”S NOT DEAD, HE’S SURELY ALIVE!”

“Amen, Bro!” I said.

“They, aren’t pulling his beard out anymore because He is alive,” Christian stated.

“That is right!  It is all good, because He is alive.”

A fist “dap” and knuckle pound ended our brief conversation.  I turned to walk back out of the school.  As I turned, I caught sight of the school official back in the office, they were in tears.  They said, “Thank you!  I so needed that today.  You just re-enforced the gospel with a special needs student in less than 20 seconds.  I needed to be reminded today about what is truly important.”

So, again I thank God for allowing me to be a part of a divine appointment that He used for His glory in the middle of a Public School hallway.  Was I 2 days late dropping that check off?  Yeah.  Was I right on time according to God’s schedule?  No dobt!

We never know how God is going to use a seemingly small thing to influence someone.

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