Jesus Rx

Jesus Rx

Like many people, I have been battling allergy related illnesses this Spring. Last week a head and chest cold took me down hard. When I’m sick like that, the remedy I reach for is Nyquil. A bottle of Nyquil will last the average person 3-6 months. A guy my size, it lasts about 2-3 days.   That little cup they give you as a dosage measure, it goes in the trash with the plastic safety wrap.

So, usually after 2 or 3 nights with my Nyquil, the cold passes. Did Nyquil cure my cold? Not at all. It simply helped me manage my symptoms.   The countless medicines out there on the market, for whatever type of ailment, all basically do the same thing. They don’t cure the sickness, they help mask the discomforts caused by the sickness itself.

We were all born with a spiritual sickness to which we have no cure on our own – Sin. And we turn to many things in life to help us mask the pain that our sin causes. Some turn to substances; some chase after fortune to satisfy the emptiness inside; still others attempt to find relief in relationships.

The symptoms that we try to cope with – anger, bitterness, loneliness, fear, guilt, pride, self worth, selfishness – they are tied back to the deep seeded sickness found in our sin nature. And there is no cure that this world can offer.

Sadly, even as Christians, too often, we treat Jesus like He is our Spiritual Nyquil. We turn to Him only when life gets tough and difficult for us to manage. Got a problem? Pull Jesus off the shelf and ask Him to help us deal with it.

Christ did not come to earth, die on the cross, and raise from the dead to help us manage our symptoms of sin. He came to be the cure for our sin once and for all.

He didn’t come to make your life better.
He came to make your life brand new.

He didn’t come to remodel us.
He came to remake us.

He’s not a self-help method.
He’s our Salvation.

He is the only CURE for the sickness of sin. Stop trying to manage the symptoms of the sickness. Start living in the freedom found in being cured.

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