A Lesson In Worship From My 5 Year Old


Leading worship is a great passion of mine.  I am thankful each day that God allows me to serve Him in the role of a worship pastor in the local Church.

One of my favorite things about God is how he chooses to teach us things through simple and often unexpected ways.

This past Sunday, I walked to our back porch to check on my 5 year old daughter as she was drawing in chalk on the patio.  What I found was a lesson in worship that filled my heart to overflowing.

Here is the prayer transcript from the prayer at the end of that video:

“God, do you please like my angel I drew?  I’m really thankful for them. And the bees all around me…I’m scared of them. But I always know you’re here with me. Thank you, God. Amen.”

My wife had this observation about that simple prayer –  In that prayer, she offered praise, worship, and thanksgiving to God, and told Him about her fears. And she recognized who He is, and what He can do because of who He is.  And she did it all in 10 seconds.

How convicting.

How simple.

How humbling.

Thank you, God for my precious daughter and her heart for you.

And thanks for the lesson.

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